Long Story Short: American Dream

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American dream is the National ethos of United States. It is a set of Ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for success and prosperity, and upward social mobility that is achieved through hard work. According to James Truslow Adams, he defines American dream as life should be better and rich and fuller for every person, with opportunity for each according to achievement and ability regardless of the social class or circumstances of birth.

The Idea of American dream is rooted in United States declaration of independence and it proclaims that all men are created equal and they are endowed by the creator with some certain inalienable rights including the right of liberty, pursuit of happiness and life. American dream has eventually powered the aspirations and the hopes of the American people in many years and generations.

It began has the plan and revolutionary notion, every person has an equal right to liberty, pursue happiness and also the freedom to endeavor for a good life through fair ambition and hard working. Over years, the dream has represented various set of anticipations including making money and owning things. So the question is, what is American dream exactly? How do we define it?

Over the course of history, the meaning of American dream has changed. It has includes personal components and global vision. The dream historically originated from the mystique regarding frontier life. As noted by Virginia Governor in the year 1774, the Americans ever imagine that the lands further off are still good that the ones they are already settle in.

The Governor also added that If Americans attains paradise, they will still move on if they heard of the better place in farther west. The dream today implies opportunity to achieve success through hard work. According to dream it includes the opportunity for children to grow and get quality education and careers without being interfered by any artificial barrier whatsoever.

It is an opportunity to make a personal choices without prior restriction that limits people according to caste, class, race, ethnicity or religion. Americans perceive college as the ticket to American dream. Observers say that soaring student loan shortage of jobs undermines American dream. American dream has been credited to building a cohesive experience, but it has also been blamed for lot of expectations.

It has been noted that despite the deep belief in egalitarian American dream, modern American wealth still perpetuates class and racial inequalities between different generations. It has been noted that disadvantages and advantages aren’t always connected with personal prosperity or failure, but prior position in social group. The seed of modern expectation about American dream were puffed during the nation’s biggest twentieth-century bust; great depression.

The president Franklin during his administration he initiated series of programs including the national housing act, designed to spur homeowners and home constructors. He initiated this program to jumpstart American economy. By 20th century. Home ownership wasn’t common, many people rented. They didn’t think to buy the own land. The new program change everything including the economy.

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