Uses Of Bamboo

Bamboo wallPhoto by Katri Niemi

People have an extensive relationship with bamboo, stretching from a myriad of cultures and spanning throughout the history. Bamboo’s uses have evolved over time, and even today this grass has been utilized in a multitude of ways that might seem a tad eccentric, particularly in North America. Bamboo is a symbol of friendship in India and is considered a symbol of fertility in Chinese culture.

Other than feeding Pandas, bamboo has a number of other uses, such as creating instruments or rugs. You may be surprised to discover some of the other uses of bamboo. In this article we will discuss many popular uses of this quick-growing form of grass.


From room dividing screens to picture frames, bamboo can made some exotic and elegant decorations for your home. Bamboo decorations can be the sleek, lacquered finish which creates a modern elegance that many people remember, or the rough finish of natural bamboo which reminds people of tropical getaways, depending on the manufacturer. It can fit into any décor, because bamboo can be colored.

Fabrics and clothing

Bamboo fibers being used in clothing and fabrics are a fabulous trend these days. Bedding made of bamboo fibers is softer or as soft as most cotton beddings, and drapes with the look of silk, but is not expensive. Today, it is becoming a mainstream trend to have bamboo fabric clothing or a product.

Building materials

More and more flooring, furniture, and even homes are built with this quick-growing form of grass. Whether people like the way it holds up, or the look of the bamboo, it’s becoming a more popular building material which many people recognize. The furniture, which is bound attractively with leather or rattan, gives any room a modern look, and the smooth floors hold up well in kitchen as well as other rooms.


It is nothing new to cook with bamboo in Asian culture. In that part of the world, bamboo shoots are a common food and have also migrated into cooking utensils. Bamboo utensils, such as wooden spoons are great for not scratching the bottoms of expensive non-stick cookware, while bamboo cutting board is notoriously good for not dulling blades on knives as quickly.


Even though it’s rare these days, bamboo was once used to make different types of weapons. From arrows and archery bows to blow guns, bamboo made strong and light weapons for many centuries. They are not made as frequently any more, but gunpowder guns were once made with the hollow tubes.


In most places, bamboo started out as a natural plant, but has become a large part of agriculture. Bamboo fits naturally into agriculture, from being the channel linings for irrigation systems, or the main crop of a farm to be harvested for many uses. Additionally, bamboo is also grown as a garden plant or as a food source. This woody grass is a great addition to any garden.


Whether it is a drum or a flute, hollow tubes make great instruments, and this quick-growing form of grass is one of the best bases for instruments. The durable quality of the bamboo combined with its light weight and musical potential creates some of the most beautiful sounds that music has ever heard.

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