Uses Of Magnesium

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Magnesium is a mineral which can be found in relatively large amounts in our bodies. It has been estimated that the average person’s body contains about 25 grams of magnesium. Magnesium is important in more than three hundred chemical reactions which keep the body working properly. However, this element is also a commercially important metal with many uses. Magnesium is just two thirds as dense as aluminum. It’s easily welded, forged, cast, and machined. It’s used extensively in alloys, chiefly with zinc, aluminum, and manganese. In this article we will discuss all the uses of this element.

Common uses

Burning magnesium is ideal for firework sparklers, flares and flash photography, because it produces white light. In addition, it functions as an agent in order to produce uranium out of salt. Ions found in this element are necessary for every living being. For this reason, magnesium salt is included in fertilizers and food. Magnesium bromide is often utilized as a sedative, too. Bromine can produce the sedative effect and many athletes use magnesium carbonate in order to enhance their grip. In order to make paper, sulfite is required.

Antiseptics contain three of its compounds. Other compounds also have a use, mainly to make textiles invulnerable to moths. It’s used in a number of vehicle parts, due to its strength and light weight. For that reason it is used in automobiles and trucks. Magnesium is often alloyed with aluminum as well as other metals. It has mechanical and electrical properties. They can be found in cell phones, cameras, laptops as well as other electronic gadgets. In addition, the Kroll procedure uses this element to get titanium.

The human body and magnesium

People need magnesium. The lack of this element can weaken person physically. Plenty of foods contain magnesium. These include, legumes and green leafy vegetables, chocolates, and dairy products whole grains. Magnesium is involved in over three hundred chemical reactions. Without magnesium, bones will weaken and people growth will be stunted.

Magnesium aspartate is required so minerals can be transported around our bodies. Magnesium functions as a natural laxative. However, too much of it can cause loose bowel movement. Many athletes use magnesium to improve their tolerance and endurance levels. Keeping blood sugar levels normal and regulating blood pressure are other uses of magnesium. In addition, magnesium can be utilized as antacid in indigestion.

Daily applications

Magnesium is not limited to industrial uses. This element is also a part of daily life. Chloride can be employed an anti-icer or de-icer. The goal is to keep ice sticking to roads and pavements. Magnesium and aluminum are used in order to make beer cans.

Industrial applications

Magnesium is used in manufacturing, thanks to its properties. It can be used on car tires if alloyed with other metals, making them stronger. In addition, magnesium carbonate is utilized in heavy duty insulation and is applied in ovens, ships and boilers. Additionally, it’s also required in metal and glass production and furnace linings. The element can be used in computers if properly alloyed. Manufacturers in the production of steel use magnesium oxide. Missiles and aircraft use magnesium during their construction.

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