What’s Allergy?

Day 260 AllergiesPhoto by parrchristy

Being allergic means that you are extremely sensitive to one or more of the ordinary matters. It can be food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and even ordinary house dust or particles that fall off a cat, dog or horse.

Substances that cause allergies are called allergens. Why allergens have an impact on some people, while not on the other? Medicine has not yet been explained this. Today is known that heritage has a particular role in the development of allergies. In many families, grandparents, parents and children are susceptible to the same substance. However, sometimes there is only one family member who is allergic. It is also believed that excitement have a role in the occurrence of allergies. Fear, anger or concern seems to reinforce the allergic attack.

What happens in the body when someone has an allergy? It is believed that allergen, you get into the body, stimulates cells to produce antibodies. Antibodies are one of the defense forces of the organism. But when it comes to allergies, it leads to adverse reactions.

It is believed that allergic substance, together with antibodies whose creation has caused by allergens, triggers the body release of chemical – histamine. A histamine acts on the blood vessels and the lungs, causing allergic phenomena. The amount of histamine is either very small, or histamine is only in the affected parts of the body, because histamine is not found in the blood of people who have allergic attacks.

As you can see, there are still many things to discover about the allergy.

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