Why Americans Love Guns?

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Americans are known to posses the notion about the frontier on how they gained freedom through guns. The love for fire arms by Americans seems to be a magical power which has transformed them into shooting heroes. The point is that they protect what belongs to them from danger. That used to be then, today things are different.

With many gun in the hands of civilians the authority has to regulate their use. It is known that n average home or family has a gun. This has transformed the arm seem like a basic need. The need to be protective since those historical days can explain it. Additionally, the highly skilled population manufactures the weapon with or without regulation.

It is their constitutional right

It is known that America has most guns owned legally by the citizens among the developed nations in the world. The second amendment of US constitution states that it is a right. Since that time, it has become the most enjoyed and cherished part of the American Law. It is not clear why this right is misused to make America with the highest murders caused by guns.

The ease of access

If the question “”Why Americans Love Guns?” is asked to any of them, they have answers. The most obvious one is that it is readily available in gun shows and retail outlets. There are no restrictions on the purchase of the firearms and no background checks. This makes good business for private businesses. Even the police have been heard admitting that is is a commodity like any other. The free gun market has therefore made it impossible to regulate who owns it or who has the right to own it. It becomes a “gadget” for every citizen.

High rate of insecurity

Any first world country or the developed countries face insecurity. Insecurity is a nightmare in the United Sates. The police department alone cannot control the situation and the need to license trusted civilians with firearms is necessary. If everyone is responsible and good, then why would they need guns? It then becomes t he norm of the day that settling daily disputes, gun has to be used. This means that it is the order of the day.

There those who take the advantage of the situation and take law in their hands. When the situation seems to get out of hand and police not yet arrived, any involved can protect themselves. Age restrictions, however becomes a great concern. There seems s to be no clear rule explained about the legal age of owning a gun. This has been evidence by the recent cases of high school learners who have guns at school.

Is it a passion or is everyone an enemy of the other. From what the situation suggests, it is either a habit or a norm. The US government would like to restrict and regulate the use of firearms in the country but not yet. A greater percentage opposes that. It has become an issue that even various states in America contradict in their firearm laws about how and when to use a gun.

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