Why Some People Are Left – Handed?

Carnies R UsPhoto by Rusty Clark

Many parents whose children are left-handed, wonder whether they should try to correct it. Many experts say no!

If someone is a truly left-handed and uses the left instead of the right hand, there is no need to change this characteristic. Worldwide, there is about 4 percent of lefties, and many celebrities in the past, such as artists Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti were left-handed.

Of course , our world is the world of “right-handed”, so everything around us is set for them: locks, bolts, cars, instruments , etc. That’s why left-handed people have problems, but they mostly overcome them without difficulties.

There is no simple and universally accepted explanation for why some people are left-handed. Here’s one theory: our body is not symmetrical, and its sides are not completely equal.

Right side of the face is slightly different from the left, as the left and right leg are not the same, and one foot is usually slightly larger than the other. So right and left half of the brain does not work the same way, the left is the more powerful than right.

Brain roads crisscross the medulla oblongata and from there goes to the opposite side of the body, so nervous pathways from right brain go into the left half of the body and vice versa. Left half of the brain is the more powerful than right, right half of the body is more capable and more skilled to perform actions. We read, write, speak and work with the help of the left half of the brain and therefore we are mostly right-handed. However, if the arrangement is reversed, so that the right half of the brain is the more powerful than left, a person is left-handed.

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