5 Reasons Why Americans get Divorced

why Americans get divorced

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1. You don’t need a reason to get divorced

OK, you probably think I’m kidding, but why be married when you can get divorced, without even having a reason for that? Why be in slavery, when you can be free (and America is free land isn’t it!)? It’s called no-fault divorce, and it means that, even if there’s been a breakdown of your marriage, it doesn’t mean you or your partner should be blaming each other for it. It just happened!

2. Since the nineties, the number of Americans over fifty who are getting divorced has doubled.

Then why wouldn’t you divorce (let’s say if you are 35 years old)? Adults are always right! Aren’t they? If marriage is so amazing, why they are getting divorced? Try to live with someone for 20 years, and you will find out!

3. Lack of commitment? Common…

Do you still need reasons? Well, here you have:

  • “lack of commitment” (73% said this was a major reason),
  • too much arguing (56%),
  • infidelity (55%),
  • marrying too young (46%),
  • unrealistic expectations (45%),
  • lack of equality in the relationship (44%),
  • lack of preparation for marriage (41%),
  • and abuse (29%).

Why don’t you people just say the truth? You are bored – you don’t love your partner anymore – you want to try something different – you are tired –anything but “lack of commitment”? Common…

4. If not now, they will in a few weeks/months/years…

According to statistics, again, 45% of young Americans will see their parents getting divorced before they reach the age of 18. Why wait? The sooner, the better. Kids will have more chances to get used to it, before teenage years ( which are trouble by itself ).

5. You can always get back to your ex

Yeah, why not? Statistic says that partners become better persons after divorce. Why wouldn’t you fall in love with a person better than the one you have lived with for 10 years? Also, you two could get more educated and experienced, and why wouldn’t you share new experiences with the person you once loved more than anybody in the world? Never say never!


I hope you know that this whole article is one big joke! We are all different, and there are no statistics nor science which could explain why two, once most intimate persons, don’t love each other anymore. Every relationship needs detail-oriented and hard work! Give your partner a try before it’s too late!