How to Remove Extreme Mold From the Fridge

Cleaning a fridge with mold or mildew is never enjoyable but for your own safety, it is important. Not only can mold cause an allergic reaction to some people but it can also cause serious illness.

When it comes to mold and mildew, refrigerators are magnets due to the dark, moist, sugar-filled environment. Luckily, it is not so difficult to get rid of mold in your refrigerator. The following are tips on how to remove extreme mold from the fridge:

1. Empty the contents from the fridge

Before you can begin to clean the fridge it is important to remove all the contents from the refrigerator. This gives you a good opportunity to check if any food packages are leaking, remove the drawers, trays, shelf inserts, and bins. This is necessary for ensuring that you thoroughly clean the refrigerator. It also enables you to locate the entire mold and be able to remove it.

2. Clean the shelves and drawers

Shelves and drawers should be thoroughly cleaned with standard dish soap. This helps in getting rid of any sticky residue or food. After cleaning the shelves, spray them down with a mixture of household bleach and water. Let the bleach sit for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping it. The bleach helps in killing the mold and spores that could be remaining. It also helps in preventing future spreading.

3. Wipe out the inside

Working from back to the front of the fridge, spray the bleach solution onto the interior walls of the refrigerator. If you do not thoroughly wipe the inside of the refrigerator, mold will still find its way back. Let the bleach sit for about 10 minutes. Then rinse clean with cold water and thoroughly dry it.

4. Clean the drawer guides and rails

Spray the drawer guides with the household bleach solution and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Then wipe out the drawer guide and rails with cotton swabs to get rid of the entire mold. It is important to ensure that the guides and rails are completely dry before replacing them. Remember mold thrives in moisture.

5. Clean the gaskets

When cleaning gaskets, it is important to use a solution of vinegar and water. This is because gaskets are never cleaned with bleach as bleach damages the rubber seal. Spray the gaskets on the refrigerator’s door and let it sit for about five minutes then wipe the gaskets clean. To completely remove the mold, it is advisable to scrub them with an old toothbrush to remove mold from the hard to reach places. Rinse with cold water and let the gaskets to dry completely.

Thoroughly wipe all the surfaces of the fridge with a rag soaked in vinegar. In summary, to completely get rid of mold from your refrigerator, you will need something that kills the mold. A solution of vinegar and water works well for this purpose. Also, household bleach can give good results in eliminating mold. However, you should not use bleach in cleaning the door gaskets as it will make the gaskets hard and break eventually.

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