7 Factors To Consider When Buying A New Kitchen

The kitchen takes a very important place in our home and requires probably the highest level of functionality among all the other rooms.

The life span of the kitchen should be somewhere around 10 – 15 years so we should choose carefully when we decide to buy new kitchen furniture and all technical appliances that every good and functional kitchen must-have. We have a few tips to try to make these decisions easier for you:

1. Know the measurements

First of all, you have to know are the exact measurements of available space and details in it, like where are electrical outlets and valves for water placed. Those few things and, of course, your budget are the main factors around which can help you make all other decisions.

2. Make sure it blends in your lifestyle

Make sure that your new kitchen blends in your everyday lifestyle, because it’s a place where all your family members will spend some time, and place to enjoy it together. Will it be modern or rustically, it depends on what makes you feel better, and what helps you to be more creative and productive. Then, in the boundaries of your favorite style, you can go further in assembling your kitchen.

3. Money-saving solutions

The mass production has standardized dimensions of kitchen cabinets so you should consider that while choosing your new kitchen and if it’s possible to try to fit in it because it’s much cheaper than buying custom-made elements. That will also save you some money for higher quality materials and appliances which you still have to buy.

4. Kitchen isle, or not?

Depend on your layout, it would be nice to have a kitchen isle. It would allow you to store more useful things there and can also be used as a snack or coffee table. The isle is a very popular and highly functional part of the modern kitchen, especially because it’s approachable from every part of the kitchen in just one move. You can install the oven and sink and still have enough space for the kitchen board and large storage capacity.

5. Pick high-quality materials

The main part of storage place and the most appealing effect will come from cabinets and their size, design, materials, and color. Today we have many variations even in materials but you should choose one that is environmental-friendly and most useful and functional for you. Always remember that you are not buying something that you will change in just a few years so don’t pick just by design and looks, but make sure that level of quality is satisfying.

6. Kitchen appliances

Think of every possible kitchen appliances that u use most commonly and make sure that you invest as much of your budget as you can into this part of assembling your new kitchen. If most of these appliances are built-in it would additionally help to improve the appearance of the complete design and make the time you’re spending in the kitchen even more joyful. The refrigerator is a very important part of basic appliances and you should consider his size before you buy it, because it’s always good to have the biggest you can afford, nice looking and branded.

If you don’t have enough natural ventilation than pay attention to choosing a good kitchen hood that can satisfy your needs regards on the size of your kitchen. The best way is to have a hood connected to ventilation if it’s possible. Two basins kitchen sink is probably the best solution for most of the house kitchens because it allows you to do separate tasks such as washing fruit and vegetables while cleaning some dishes. Although some people think that they don’t need a dishwasher, it will actually save you a lot of energy and up to 80% of water more than hand washes.

Stove and oven can be separated or assembled and today there are many varieties depends on what you prefer but most important is that they can meet your everyday needs and make your cooking easier. The electric smooth top of a stove is a very popular and attractive part of a modern kitchen and perfectly fits in most of the cabinet designs but be careful and don’t scratch it, because it’s made of a glass or ceramic. It’s also very easy to clean.

7. Take care of functionality

In the end, make sure that you get all the smaller gadgets you need in your kitchens such as a microwave oven, coffee machine, some nice blender, and a toaster because it all fits into one modern, functional kitchen that you need in your everyday life. Buying a new kitchen requires a little more attention than maybe equipping some other part of your home but in the long-term, it’s very profitable and makes a big difference for your healthy life.

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