8 Tips For Successful Yard Sale

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Garage sales as well as yard sales are a great way to earn some cash while decluttering and cleaning out. If you take some time to advertise and plan, you will set yourself up for successful sale. Many people love to shop and by hosting yard sale you can earn some money. We have put together a list of the most important tips for having a successful, money-making yard sale. Check it out.

Make a good promotion

People will come if you sell something. This is true for yard sale if enough people know about your event. The key is a good promotion. Start by promoting your sale to your friends. Maybe some of them will join you, which makes the sale better. Next, advertise your sale on social media and local blogs. Don’t forget to post signs at your local coffee shop, grocery store, etc. In all of your promotional efforts, make sure to note the time, directions, address, date, and any other detail, such as you will accept cash only.

Use good sign language

Create sign which will have maximum impact. Do this a few days before your sale. Write your signs in big letters in bright colors which are easy to read. Make sure your arrows are pointing in the right direction and attach balloons to your signs.

Organize your sale

Group like objects together in order to make your sale as organized and as appealing as possible. Also, think about how you display each group to its best advantage. Hang up items for maximum visibility. String a rope or wire between trees and then hang your clothes from up high. Once your items are on display, walk to the street in order to get a sense of what your event looks like. At the end, rearrange until everything looks as inviting as possible.

Tease people’s attention

Photo credit: WWW.REDDIT.COM

Photo credit: WWW.REDDIT.COM

Grab someone’s attention by putting things he or she will want to sift through – tools, grill, golf clubs, or workout gear – near the curb. By doing this you will up the probability that more people will stop at your sale. After all, if a man sees something he likes, he will be more patient while his wife browses at your sale.

Post prices prominently

Pricing items with easy-to-read signs is guaranteed success. For example, in case you are selling each item of clothing for $5, make sure there is a clearly visible sign which says so. Nothing turns shoppers off faster than having to ask a price for each item they pick up.

Add on sales

You should treat your sale like a business. For example, if you see that someone is buying 5 skirts for $5, throw in one extra for just a quarter more. Take a lower price on some of wares in order to help them move when someone is already actively buying.


Potential buyers are not looking to spend a fortune at your sale. Therefore, be ready to negotiate by pricing items slightly higher in order to leave room for price-haggling. Once you set prices, they break of about 20% to 30% off the price you would like to receive. Toward the end of the day, think about marking all the remaining items down to half-price.

Join forces

In case you think that you will get better traffic if you join forces with another family, organize everything by giving each family its own colored price-tag sticker. Once the sale ends, there is no question how much money each family made. It is easy and fair.

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