The Definitive Guide To Properly Clean Your Smartphone

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How many times a day do you wash your hands? And how often do you clean your smartphone? Device that is constantly in our hands and by our face with no regular cleaning can become true breeding ground of bacteria. When was the last time you clean and disinfect your smartphone? Holding it in the hands all day long, it will surely collect all grease, dirt, viruses and other vermin.

Just look at the screen of the device, which is most exposed to dirt, and seriously think about whether you want to lean it back with your face and answer the call. To clean your favorite toy, you should follow some guidelines.First of all it should be remembered that devices with a touch screen should not be cleaned with paper towels or other paper tissues because they can create a thin scratch on the surface of the screen.

To clean the screen, it is best to use a soft lint cloth. Excellent choice are microfiber wipes or those that are used for cleaning glasses. To remove grease from the screen you should use special wet wipes used for cleaning glasses because they do not produce any scratches and contain cleanser. If the screen has some kind of food, liquids, or make-up stains, turn off the device and remove the battery. Soak a piece of microfiber cloth in plain water, drain to be moist, but not wet, and then wipe the screen.

The place where there is little more of it you can rub the stain to take it off. Take special care not to get moisture in openings such as a microphone or speaker. If the stain is hard, you can try to remove it by dipping a cloth in a mild solution of soap and water for hand washing. When you remove the stain, wipe the device with a dry cloth and insert the battery in it. Never use detergents for glass or alcohol to clean the screen because they can damage the special coatings that some devices have in order to avoid reflections on the screen.

If your device accidentally falls into water or gets very wet, as soon as possible turn it off and remove the battery to prevent malfunction. Never use a hair dryer or other source of heat to dry it. Instead, wipe the device as much as you can with a dry microfiber cloth and allow to air dry. If at your place you have a few bags of silica gel (those little bags that usually come in boxes with shoes), put them close to the device and leave overnight. It should absorb excess moisture. An alternative method is to put the device into a container full of uncooked rice and let dry overnight. The rice will absorb moisture from the device without negative consequences.

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