Perfect Gifts For Non – Romantic Girls

Not all girls like romantic presents and surprises, some consider it to be too tacky, or they are just not the type of girls that get into that kind of thing. If your girlfriend is like that, here is what you can give to her.

1. Give her a massage

Many men forget how relaxing massage is for girls. The moment you start the massaging her face will light up and she will be grateful. You will surely hear the words “Oh this feels so good!”

2. Help her to clean up the apartment

If you are doing nothing while she is busting her ass cleaning the house, emerge from the hole on the couch and help her. It may not seem as much but for her, it will be (especially if you don’t do this often, or ever).

3. Buy her good book

A good book is always a good present, whether is for a girlfriend, family or just for a good friend. However pay attention to what kind of literature she likes, and get her some classic.

4. Try something new and exciting with her

Go and have some fun experiences together. It could be snorkeling, skating, bungee jumping, riding bicycles in some interesting and new surroundings. This part is up to you depending on what both of you like. Just remember it needs to be exciting not romantic.

5. Pay for her museum or library membership

Can it get geekier? If she visits museums and libraries often this can be a pretty original and useful gift. And if you are into that stuff you can do it together.

6. Make a donation in her name

She likes to save abandoned dogs, or she volunteers in public kitchens? Pay donation in her name supporting the cause she considers important.

7. Pay a course in craft studio for her

If she likes arts and crafts, and she keeps talking about all the courses she would like to attend, chose one and pay for her.

8. Get two tickets for amusement or aqua park

This way two of you can spend the entire day having fun and remembering what is like to be a child. Ride all the dangerous rides or water slides and eat ice-cream or cotton candy, having a lot of fun.

9. Get tickets for basketball or some other sport

If she is a sport type and you know she has a team that she cheers for, surprise her with tickets for a game. To be even less romantic you can get more than two and bring your friends with you so all of you can have a super fun sports cheering day.

10. Pay for her gym membership

This is a tricky one. Use this as a gift only if she has an athletic body and if she goes to the gym anyway. If she is not, do not do it, she will think that you just told her that she is fat.

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