Short History Of CIA

CIA- Central Intelligence Agency 1280 X1024Photo by p.AlEx95

The United States of America was led by many presidents and George Washington started the process of collecting intelligent reports for carrying out different intelligence searches and activities. An organization was started during World War II and it was coordinated with the Government for finding and working on different projects.

William J Donovan was the Coordinator for Information for the organization – initially and then during the War he got a different job. He became the highest authority of the Office of Strategic Services or the OSS in the year 1942. This was the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency and this organization collected different important information for the country that was in a war.

Agency and its formation

Later in 1947 the Central Intelligence Agency was created and President Harry Trueman was the one who took initiative. The national security was the main agenda in the war toiled America and the CIA looked after the security. The information thus collected by the organization was used by the military for keeping away any threat to the country.

There are different covert operations conducted by the agency that helped to keep the nation secure and safe. There were spy missions and other activities conducted by this organization. This was done with the help of different agents who were trained for different purposes and missions.

Vision and its up keeping

The information gathered by the CIA provides tactical knowledge to the government of the country. There are insights and actions taken on the basis of the information and this helps the country to keep its citizen happy and safe. They preempt different threats to the country’s democracy and analyze the information.

The objective of the analysis is collected in report formation and covert actions are planned by the organization. These are again approved by the President and his office which help in safeguarding the national aims and challenges. The agents and officers of the CIA feel that they have a common principle and very high aspirations. They are also connected with strong core values.

Officers and the work that they do

The officers and their colleagues feel they are entrusted with the job of protecting the nation. The interest of the country is taken care by these officers. The officers and different operative agents are agile and they find their job to be something meaningful for the nation’s security.

They are integrated together and are abided by laws of the country. The officers are truthful to the nation and work hard to gather information and keep working on them to provide analysis free of political bias. These officers have a lot of courage and conduct teamwork to build up the foundation of the organization.

Team work to overcome challenges

The CIA is an organization that has got a lot of responsibilities. They find and close gaps in intelligence level of the country and its security. These are serious issues for national organizations, all the ministers and even the president. They also look after the interest of the country when they spread out with their global mission.

They control the diversity and contents of the development of the US and provide technological advice to the government offices and officials. They also provide counterintelligence to protect the operations, information and the officers of the country.