Uses Of Ammonia

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Ammonia has been used as drinking water purifier, rocket fuel, and industrial food processing additive, and is the number one ingredient in fertilizers. It may sound like ammonia is a dangerous chemical, but the truth is that it has been used around the household for many years. It can be a great addition to a cleaning supplies set of every household as long as ammonia is treated with caution and kept away from pets and children.

Generally, ammonia is excellent for cleaning anything that resists the use of other cleaners. It should never be mixed with general home cleaning products, because the mix can produce toxic gases. Also, make sure to avoid contact with your eyes and the rooms are well ventilated when using ammonia around the house. Without further ado, here are top uses of ammonia.


At the beginning, it is important to distinguish between the pure anhydrous ammonia which has no water and is used as a fertilizer in agriculture. The fact is that over 4/5 of the manufactured ammonia is used for agriculture, and still this use for ammonia is largely unknown. Ammonia can be added to your plants, as well. Just add 1 quarter of a cup of ammonia per 1 gallon of water and then water alkaline soil-based plants.

Clean your oven

You can dilute ammonia in water and clean your oven. This solution can be used to remove any burned food from the inside of your oven.

Clean your mirrors or windows

In order to get exceptional results, it is recommended to clean mirrors as well as windows with ammonia. By using this product, it will be easier to remove fingerprints or all kinds of strains and you will get sparkling windows or mirrors in a few minutes.

Clean your kitchen or bathroom

Another use for ammonia is to use it as a tile cleaner, in your kitchen or your bathroom. This powerful cleaning product can help keep the tiled walls and floors sparkling and clean, since you don’t do this often.

Clean your wooden floors and furniture

You can also use diluted ammonia with water to clean furniture and wooden floors. In addition, it can be also used to remove furniture paint or polish and strip wood. Keep in mind that it is very important to dilute the ammonia with water.

Remove stains from fabrics

Another use for ammonia is for cleaning clothes. You can effectively remove stains from fabrics. You will be able to remove wine strains with ammonia. However, before you do it, try a little on a spot which is not visible, to prevent damaging your clothing.

Clean your shoes

Ammonia can also be used to remove and clean dirt from shoes which are made of non-washable fabrics. All you have to do is use a mixture of ammonia, water and soap to clean all types of shoes from leather, to sneakers and even espadrilles. This mixture is often used to wash white converse fabric.

Clean your rugs and carpets

Ammonia is used to clean rugs and carpets, too. It is very effective at removing strains from such materials. It is helpful to use a spray bottle in this case to apply the water and ammonia solution to the dirty sports on the rugs and carpets.

Clean your towels

Ammonia is an excellent choice when it comes to eliminating odors from fabrics, like those from mould or moisture in towels or dishcloths. Just add some ammonia when washing towels and you will see how the odor disappears. Since ammonia reduces static electricity, you can also use this product as a fabric softener.

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