Why are we Getting Old?

Getting OlderPhoto by psd

Did you know that in ancient Rome ordinary man could expect to live a maximum of 23 years? About a hundred years ago the average life of a human was 40 years old.

Most people would like to live a very long life, no one wants to grow old. But aging is a process that begins with the birth and continues throughout the entire life.

When someone enters a deepening age, all the actions and processes of living organisms are slowing down. Man loses part of his power and his senses lose their sharpness. It usually comes with the reduction of body weight and height. Along with this, getting old may impair vision, partial deafness, white hair and less supple skin.

Not all the people are getting old the same speed, but some of the changes that come with aging cannot be avoided, because they occur in the tissues of the body and all its organs. For example, cells of the kidneys, liver, pancreas and spleen begin to gradually decline, because the blood vessels are old and are not strong enough to supply blood and food, as they used to. Thyroid and other glands are getting old too.

The entire system of blood circulation in the body with age begins to change and no longer functioning as active

as it used to. Because of these changes, we do not even breathe the same way. Eyes, ears, bones, joints, blood, skin, nails and teeth, it all starts to degenerate or deteriorate. That is why older people often must change their lifestyle and food they eat.

These changes are biological and cannot be prevented, simply because aged tissues and organs cannot any more operate at full power. Age changes do not affect every person same.. A man of sixty can have some tissues and organs as a man of eighty years, while his other organs can be preserved as at a man of forty, thirty, or even twenty years.

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