10 Most Popular Cars in America

There are many ways to measure the popularity of a car. The most traditional is monthly as well as annual sales. Another measure of vehicle popularity is an online search. Many people who go to car sites plan to buy, which leads to real sales.

However, the number of online searches and unit sales don’t always match. Sometimes, some of the most searched vehicles weren’t among the top 10 selling vehicles at all. We did our research and we found out which are the most popular cars in the United States. Here is our list of the top 10 most popular cars.

1. Honda Accord

In the first place is the venerable Honda Accord. This car makes up 2.4% of the used car market, just ahead of the Camry. The average selling price of this car is notably close, too, at about $15,000.

2. Toyota Camry

In the second place is Camry, Toyota’s awarded and popular car. Its average selling price is also about $15,000. Overall, this car accounts for about 2.3% of the used car market.

3. Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is in third place. This car rounds out the top three with its average selling price of $15,100 in its later life cycles. In addition, Nissan Altima makes up a solid 2% of the used car market.

4. Honda Civic

Honda’s Civic is the fourth most popular vehicle across the 20 largest cities in the United States. This car is known for its reliability as well as running up the odometer to eye-popping figures. The Civic has an average price of about $13,300 and makes up 1.9% of the sued car market.

5. Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has an average resale price of 22,300 and runs just a shade less than the BMW. F-150 shared the same portion of the used car market at 1.8%.

6. BMW 3 Series

The entry-level luxury sedan is pretty popular on its second-plus time around. This BMW has an average price of $24,100 on the used market and it accounts for 1.8% of all used car sales.

7. Toyota Corolla

This popular Toyota’s car is in seventh place. Corolla accounts for 1.6% of the used car market with an average price of about $13,000.

8. Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala beats out its little sibling. This car has an average price of about $13,900. The legacy of Impala as a fleet favorite is probably a factor in how the sales played out. This car has a slightly higher share of the used car market at 1.3%.

9. Chevrolet Malibu

The Chevrolet Malibu is just ahead of the Escape with the same 1.1% used car share. This midsize sedan of Chevy is being sold for an average price of about $15,000.

10. Ford Escape

Ford Escape is the tenth most-purchased used car. Escape goes for an average price of about $17,500. This car accounts for about 1.1% of all used car sales.