6 Most-Known World Museums

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo City Break

Photo by jack2117

So many centuries are behind us, with many good memories and some not so good. Some people say that you cannot think about the future without knowing the past, and besides that our history is way too interesting to be forgotten.

1. The British Museum, London

This is officially the largest museum of Britain, showcasing more than 7 million objects. Human culture and history from all continents presented here. Everything from dinosaurs to some of the most amazing pieces of Parthenon can be found. The most interesting piece of history showcased would probably be the Rosetta Stone carved in 196 B.C.

2. State Hermitage, St. Petersburg

When you talk about art and history, Paris or Rome immediately comes to the mind of many people, but Hermitage managed to gather over three million items from the past. The museum consists of six buildings with the most notable being the Winter Palace which was called home by many Russian czars. The European Art from the middle ages to this day is here. Visitors may see the work of da Vinci, Titian, Cezanne, Picasso, Goya, van Gogh and many more. Nicholas II’s private collection and golden pieces from Eurasia are the main attraction in this amazing museum.

3. Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

19 galleries and museums, many research labs and the National Zoological Park are making this the largest museum in the World. Everything regarding America can be found here. The collection of more than 130 million items from U.S. history is presented. People are mostly spending their time examining the dresses of the first ladies, the Wright brothers 1903 flyer and the Apollo Command Module Columbia.

4. Acropolis Museum, Athens

The Acropolis museum mostly focuses on archeological findings at Acropolis, Athens. The museum is opened in 2009 and the 4000 objects are showcased all across a 14.000 square meters area. Visitors may experience the Athenian life as it used to be. Many smaller settlements are excavated so there is much to be seen. Every piece presented here is truly astonishing but the frieze of Parthenon is definitely the main attraction.

5. Egyptian Museum, Cairo

The home of pyramids is also home to more than 120.000 objects from the famous Egyptian history. The huge collection of papyrus and coins previously used by ancient Egyptians can be examined. Artifacts from Valley of Kings and artifacts from the last two dynasties of this once great empire are showcased here. Everybody that eventually came here rushed to see the Tomb of Tutankhamen and of course the Royal Mummy Room since pharaonic times was the golden age of Egypt.

6. Louvre, Paris

Definitely the most famous museum around the world would be the Louvre. This fortress was once home to French kings before it became a museum in 1793. The glass pyramid at the entrance was added in 1989 and today it is almost an artifact by itself. Basically everything can be seen here. Glimpses of ancient Egypt, pieces of classical Rome, and Greece as well as items from medieval Europe are all to be seen here. Statues like The Winged Victory of Samothrace and Venus de Milo are just astonishing while the most interesting piece that you can find here would definitely be the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Mona Lisa.

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