7 Ways To Tell That Someone Is Drunk

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Ideally, a drunk is someone who loses control after consuming a certain amount of alcohol. This article does not talk about the breath analyzer test and moderate drinking. Usually, in social occasions, where everyone is drinking, the drunks are the ones losing control. The people that tolerate alcohol after a few pegs are as good as teetotalers are! The task of identifying an inebriated person can be challenging because many men develop a large tolerance for alcohol.
The acceptable limit of alcohol largely varies from one person to another, and it is really difficult to put a general tab on the number of shots/pegs. Some people may lose control over two pegs, and others can hold their restraint even after drinking 750 ml of whiskey. Nevertheless, here are the 7 points to identify an uncontrollably drunk guy.

1. Speaking loudly

The mind constantly fights the effect of alcohol to stay sane. The result of this internal drowsy cacophony shows up as loud voice. People begin to speak boldly in high tones. The behavior begins to change. In addition, social occasions have some sort of drinking competitions going on, largely in circles of men. People are always competing on how much alcohol they can take in different drinking games. A person constantly filling up his glass is obviously an alcohol addict. In fact, getting into any competition over a narcotic is like sheer craziness.

2. Indecent conduct with women

The sure sign when identifying a drunkard (even when he is not stammering) is his indecency towards women. Every drunken man suddenly begins to think of himself as some kind of a bedroom superhero! They also maintain no restraint. Married men pass lewd comments over other women, sometimes even sharing the most secret stories of his wife with pals.

3. Tells dirty jokes

A drunkard often makes his advances by virtue of the dirtiest jokes. They especially want women to hear these as if drinking at the same venue with girls gives them the rights to do so!

4. He makes others drink

A drunkard always likes to invite people to drinking competition and show them that he is the boss. This is perhaps the most certain sign of identifying a habitually drunken jerk. Alcohol is probably the most dangerous legal narcotic. If someone constantly pressures you to drink, you must have the mental strength to say NO to free alcohol. Nothing is FREE in the world, and you may have to pay the price by losing your consciousness in a place far from the safety of your home.

5. He offers free drinks

Alcohol is usually expensive. It is definitely appealing in a twisted way when someone offers it freely. Many drunkards like to invite people and drowse them in alcohol. This can be a very grim affair as events of first date rapes sometimes start this way. Any kind of police data can show that most of the worst crimes happened under influence of alcohol. Many people find it very natural to intoxicate a girl unconscious and take advantage of her vulnerability.

6. He often cries and repents

Women have to deal with crying drunkards so often that it became a regular occurrence. Drinking puts men with a guilty conscience in a sad mood. Suddenly, they feel the burden of their lives falling down on them. They become crybabies to say at least. It is a horrible experience to listen to mindless repenting rantings of a drunken person. It is difficult to understand just one thing- why do you repent now when you are making the same mistakes over and over?

7. The usual signs

The above symptoms represent the habitual drunkard. Some people do not drink often, except in social occasions. It is easy to identify their drunkenness by slurred speech, glazed vision, inability to coordinate actions, vomiting, etc. The handwriting test is a good way to find out if someone is drunk. Just tell them to write a line after every peg. The difference between the writing styles tells it all. The straight line walking test is also a good way to put a stop on alcohol for the evening. There is absolutely no shame in being able to drink less than others do! It just means that you are in control of your decisions.

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