How to Clean Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

BEFORE-Melamine CabinetsPhoto by McClurg Team

If the melamine cabinets in your kitchen have recently accumulated some noticeable amount of dirt, debris and grease, you may want to consider getting them cleaned. Fortunately, your melamine kitchen cabinets can be successfully cleaned with a few basic and simple cleaning tools.

Dust Your Cabinets With Dry Cloth

Before cleaning your melamine cabinets, it is advised to dust off all the dirt through dusting. You can use any dry or damp cotton cloth for this task. Begin the process by removing everything from the cabinets. You can use a mini vacuum cleaner, feather duster or just a washcloth to remove the traces of dust from both interior and exterior portion of the cabinets. Move on to another step once you are thoroughly done with dusting.

Mix Cleaning Solutions

If you prefer to use commercial cleaners for the cabinet cleaning process, you may skip this step. But, if you want to know what exactly goes into the cleaning products for melamine cabinets, you’d glad to learn that you can produce your own cleaner at home with nothing more than just a glass of warm water and regular mild liquid soap. All you need to do is combine these two ingredients in a spray bottle, shake the bottle well and you’ll have your solution. This solution can work particularly for getting rid of light stains and dirt. In case, you are dealing with grease, you’ll need to go for commercial cleaners.

Apply Cabinet Cleaner

Once you have decided to use a suitable cabinet cleaner, it’s time to proceed to another step – vigorously spraying down the cabinets with the cleaner. If you’re using homemade cleaning solution, spray it and allow the solution to set in for about 4 to 5 minutes. For commercial cleaner, you can consult the product’s label to determine the recommended set-in time. Use a sponge to rub off the cleaning solution from sprayed areas. Move your hands in circular strokes to get maximum effect. Once you’re satisfied with the cleaning process, proceed with the final step.

Rinse The Cleaning Solution

Once you have successfully carried out the DIY cleaning process, you can finish it off with a gentle rinse. Begin the final step by dampening a sponge and once again wiping the cabinets in broad and circular motions. This process can take a little more time as your aim is to remove all the stickiness caused due to soapy water. Alternatively, you can also fill a spray bottle with fresh water, and use to clean away the cabinets thoroughly.

Keep The Melamine Cabinets Clean

Now that your melamine cabinets are completely clean, you can keep them that way all year round by just performing some regular maintenance. Using a damp cloth to clean the surface of cabinets once or twice a month should help you keep them bright and shining. This should also help you cut back on the number of thorough cabinet cleaning in the future.

Follow the above given steps and you should be able to bring back your cabinets to life. With festival season around the corner, you might want to start your cleaning process from the kitchen itself. There’s nothing better than flashing your bright and clean cabinets to your guests, when you actually can!

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