Marvel Comics And Some Heroes That Colored Imagination To Favor Positive Side Of Life

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When you talk about Marvel – you are talking about the comic characters of the Marvel series. There are lots of characters that marvel the kids during their growing up days. These comics are all about the super heroes that rule the bad guys and protect the good ones.

There are different scales of strength that the heroes have and there are those characters that have grown in strength with the kids at different stages. The Superman and Spiderman are people with a kind heart and some stupid occupations when they are humans but once they determine to help the good guys, they show all their strenght.

Heroes live in real world

The Marvel comics were very popular when the children preferred the comic books and there were no desires to sit and view the comic characters move around. Now the new technology has kindled new life into the heroes and there are movies where the X-Men, Captain America and Iron Man move around and speak on the screen.

The huge crowds of young and old people prove that the Marvel comics can still amaze the people of different generations. The heroes mostly live in the same world and they are inspired by the men who are the underdogs and are being used by some powerful ‘Bad Guy’. The heroes often live in some fictional city and come fast to the aid of common people.

Heroes that are from flesh and blood

The super heroes that were created by the Marvel comics were mostly common man who wanted to fix bad things. The super heroes like Thor and Silver Surfer were among the few that were not human beings. Most others are normal like every other human but they have special powers to protect the people who depend on them. They do not get their powers from any other creature of outer world but they often try to boost their own spirits after any failure – like the normal humans.

Some of the heroes are nourished with imagination

The Marvel Comics got some special super heroes that were not for the small kids but for the young minds that started to fly in the sky. The publishing is run by Marvel Entertainment and is a part of the Walt Disney Company and they favor heroes of different types and with varied qualities. They are different in power, skills, appearances and likes. The heroes, villains and other characters are created with a lot of care and human touch.

Remained with kids and nurtured good habits

The heroes reside in Marvel Universe and the first comic launched was with the Fantastic Four. Since then there has been a lot of heroes in different garbs and they have their mode of operation and intelligence to cut the villains to their own size. The World War II showed the end of the golden era of comic characters as the popularity of the heroes became diluted.

The Company brought in new heroes and stories with humor and slowly the popularity got back to the comic books. The kids saw the birth of Ant Man, Hulk, X-Men and others during this time. These educational comics helped to color the imagination of the kids and helped them to grow good habits like saying ‘no’ to drugs.

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