The Best Way to Clean Your Oily Kitchen Floor


Oily kitchen floors lack the attractive look that a kitchen should maintain. Therefore, to give your kitchen the desired effect you need to know how to clean the oily kitchen floor.

Warm water and soap work well for most types of floors. However, different floor types may require different cleaning methods.

Cleaning Procedure

Begin by preparing the materials you shall use to clean the floor. Gathering all the materials at the onset makes your cleaning time faster as you do not get interrupted to look for cleaning material. You shall need at least two buckets. One with hot water, and the other with warm water.

A detergent or degreaser of your choice comes in handy. About two or three mops or cleaning towels should be ready for the cleaning exercise. You can then sweep your floor to rid it from any bits of garbage that may be on the floor. Once you remove the bits of garbage, use the appropriate cleaning material depending on your floor type.

How to Clean Oily Kitchen Floor with Water and Soapy Detergents

You need first to clean your kitchen with hot water and a soapy detergent or degreaser. Use a mop or towel to remove the dirt from the surface of the floor. Once you finish, proceed to rinse the floor with vinegar.

How to Clean Oily Kitchen Floor Using Vinegar

Vinegar can be used to improve the cleaning of oily kitchen floors. The odor of vinegar should not prevent you from using it as it dissipates within no time. More to these, vinegar helps in giving an oily floor a sparkling look. Therefore, after washing your kitchen floor with hot soapy water, use warm water with some vinegar to rinse it off.

Final Rinse

You can then rinse your kitchen floor with some warm water. This will ensure that no trace of soap is left behind. Traces of soap can cause dangerous falls, leading to serious incidents. Therefore, to avoid any incidents in your kitchen area always rinse off your floor. This also ensures that all the vinegar gets washed away, thus ensuring that your kitchen remains odorless after the cleaning process.

Tip on How to Clean Oily Kitchen Floor

Aim at cleaning fresh dirt. You should clean your floor as soon as it gets oily, instead of cleaning the dirt later. This helps to avoid the grease from sticking, leading to stains or floor damage. Fresh dirt also makes your cleaning exercise easier, which saves you a lot of time and energy.

More to these, you can always enjoy your cleaning time by playing some music in the background. The music provides your mind with a form of entertainment. Therefore, the daunting task of cleaning an oily kitchen floor becomes an exciting and easy task to perform.


Kitchen cleaning happens as a daily task. Given that oily floors can lead to contamination in your kitchen, always use hot water to clean the oily floor. Vinegar plays a critical role as it promotes the appearance of your floor. Finally, always give your kitchen a final rinse with warm water to prevent falls.

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