5 Most Successful American Entrepreneurs Of All Time

Steve Jobs @ WWDC 2007Photo by acaben

There are many successful entrepreneurs in the history of the United States. These men and women took their own or somebody else’s capital and use it to make even more capital. Some exceled, some failed, but some succeeded. With so many candidates to choose from, each list of the 5 most successful American entrepreneurs of all time will necessarily be somewhat arbitrary. Business is what America does and if that sounds chauvinistic, get over it. Here are, without further ado, 5 most successful American entrepreneurs of all time.

Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc was the founder of McDonald’s. There are many people who don’t know where the business come from, although McDonald’s name is familiar in almost every country in the world. 52-year-old Kroc discovered a small restaurant run by the McDonald brothers through his business as a kitchen equipment salesman. Kroc liked the idea of a restaurant which has a limited menu and for that reason he wanted to make the restaurant a name all over the world. Throughout the years before he founded McDonald’s, Kroc’s life these was perseverance. He never stopped working during the time it took to build up the empire. This is important lesson to all entrepreneurs that success can come at any time in your life.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs made his fortune and sold some of the most popular products of all time by creating products which appeal to a certain crowd of people. He was the co-founder of Apple and he found his niche in the market, resulting in huge popularity of Apple products. Jobs focused on making products which appeal to the desire of consumers for products that are easy to use. Making products that appeal to your consumers and finding your niche in the market is one of the easiest and still most elusive aspects of being a businessman. Looking at the typical consumer and finding what he needs and wants is a great first step towards creating your place.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was one of the world’s greatest inventors, who have the world talking motion pictures, the phonograph, the electric light and more than 1,300 other patented inventions. Edison was also able to exploit the profit potential in his work, an entrepreneurial bent that asserted itself when Thomas was still a teenager. Edison printed a newspaper in the baggage car of a rolling train and the he sold copies to passengers. As a combination of entrepreneurial flair and inventive genius, Edison stands alone.

Henry Ford

By making available a vehicle which vastly extended the range of movement for people, Ford has fundamentally changed human lifestyles. His vehicle allow Americans to fulfill their destiny to populate each corner of the continent. However, Ford’s more profound impact was on industry. Henry Ford has also designed the moving assembly line to build his cars, which was the signal of the Industrial Age. By working as an engineer at the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit, Ford earned the seed capital for his enterprise.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was, in a real sense, the first entrepreneur of America. Unlike the prodigiously intellectual Jefferson and other of the Founding Fathers, whose virtues and attainments are seen as anachronisms, Benjamin Franklin was truly a model of what a lot of us would become. Although he was statesman, Franklin was also a printer, an inventor, a popular author and a businessman who knew how to commercialize the fruits of his clever mind.

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