Why We Feel Hunger?

"I see food..." - Hungry LionessPhoto by Digital Wallpapers

Hunger has nothing to do with an empty stomach even though most people believe it has. Infants are born with an empty stomach, yet they don’t feel hungry the first few days.

People who are sick or have a fever, they often do not feel hunger, famine occurs when blood does not have certain nutrients. As soon as that happens, the message is sent to the hunger center in the brain. This center operates on the stomach and intestines as a brake. As long as the blood has enough food for hunger center, brain slows down the stomach and intestines. At a time when the blood runs out of these nutrients, brain center for hunger begins to affect reinforcement work of the stomach and intestines.

When we are hungry, we do not feel the need for a particular type of food, but only for food that will satiate us. However, only one type of food cannot satisfy us, and it would be difficult to eat only potatoes, even in the most varied forms? However, if you eat soup for lunch, meat, vegetables and sweets in an amount which is sufficient for one meal, meals will be correct and we will be happy.

How long can humans live without food? Calm and peaceful people can endure longer than those who are easily aroused. Adults endure longer than children.

Among animals, there are also differences. Tick ​​and bedbugs can endure without food the whole year. Dog dies after twenty days of fasting. Small birds cannot endure without food for more than five days. If the animal is less happy, the more quickly consumes its food supplies. Warm-blooded animals cannot live if they lose more than half their normal weight.