9 Bathroom Organization Tips

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The following bathroom organization tips will help you keep your toilet paper, toiletries, and towels in order. Make the most of those small spaces with these easy tips. Toothpaste, brushes, combs take up considerable space when laid horizontally on a shelf.

Self-adhesive, flat-backed cups on the inside of the cabinet door hold them more efficiently. Continue reading to find out more bathroom organization tips and save a lot of space and time that you usually spend finding those items.

1. Throw away unnecessary products

Before you start organizing, make sure that you do not have extraneous items that have to be thrown away. Throw away expired sunscreen, and check the expiration dates on medications and vitamins in the medicine cabinet. Also, check on how long you have had your makeup, because each product has a different shelf life. Try not to get sentimental about any of your bathroom products. Toss it, if you are not using it. Think of it this way: There will be more space for new products.

2. Magazine rack


Place a magazine rack on the wall close to the toilet tank. Choose a spot that is out of the way and will not take up additional usable space (this is especially important if the bathroom is small). However, don’t forget to place it in a location that is convenient for the user, if you know what we mean.

3. Divide drawers

Use utensil organizers for drawers in which you have bobby pins, cotton swabs, elastic hair bands, safety pin, etc. By doing so, everything will be in a designated spot and you will be able to locate exactly what you need when you need it.

4. Shelves and bags

Place your children’s bath toys in a bag that allows them to drain and dry when not in use. You should also make sure that cleanup is part of the routine every time your children bathe. For shave gels, body washes, conditioners and shampoos, invest in a caddy that sticks to the shower wall, hangs from the shower faucet or attaches in a corner.

5. Ribbon for hair clips

Organize the hair clips of your daughter while displaying them, too. Those darling bows are so adorable and you want to show them off when your daughter is not pulling them out of her hair. All you have to do is hang a nice piece of ribbon on the wall and attach all the clips to it. Your daughter will have them at her fingertips, because each piece will always be in sight.

6. Master the mess

Often the cabinet under the sink becomes a place where everything just gets forgotten. Take inventory and toss what you do not use, such as empty cleaning supplies, old scour pads, etc. Purchase another caddy, one with a handle, just for cleaning products so you can move it easily when you are cleaning your bathrooms.

7. Handy towels

Put a rack or stand-alone shelf above the toilet for added storage. This is great for fancy guest soaps, a few extra hand towels or simple decorations.

8. Less cords

You should purchase hairstyling accessories that have retractable cords, such as straight irons, hot curlers and blow dryers. At the very least, wrap up the cord as neatly as possible once you are done with it. However, do not forget to let it cool first.

9. Frequent cleaning

Do not allow your bathroom to become a cluttered mess before you clean it. Make sure to tidy up a little bit each day. You will save a lot of time in the long run. Place disinfectant wipes under the counter so you can wipe down counters once you put everything away.

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