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Uses Of Alcohol

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Alcohol comes in a number of types that can be used in many areas of our lives. The most common use is definitely in drinks. However, alcohol has other uses, too. For example, it can be used in camp stoves. You may find alcohol to be a worthy addition to your camping trip and other daily chores when it is used with utmost care. In this article we will discus all the uses of alcohol.

Alcoholic drinks

Ethanol is used in the process of making alcoholic drinks. In fact, ethanol is actually the alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is often associated with socializing and relaxing. A number of studies have shown that alcohol has some health benefits. However, you should be aware of the dangers alcohol can cause to the health of your heart.


You have probably come across methylated spirit bottles lying around. But, do you know what is methylated spirit? It’s ethanol which has been mixed with small amounts of methanol. The methanol is the reason why the methylated spirit is highly poisonous and unsafe to drink. On the other hand, if you want to clean some paint off your brushes, it will do the job perfectly.


As a fuel

Since they burn clean and just produce Carbon dioxide and water, methanol and ethanol can also be used as fossil fuel alternatives. Ethanol can be made from many renewable sources, such as sugar cane. This type of fuel can be very useful in countries which don’t have an oil industry.


Ethanol can be used as solvent, too, because it is not harmful. Being the safest type of alcohol, ethanol has usually been used in dissolving the chemicals that can’t be dissolved in water. Vegetable, perfumes and socmetic essences such as vanilla extracts are just some examples.


People who are in the science and/or medicine fields know how important alcohol is in preservation. It is used in the preservation of specimens.

Uses for rubbing alcohol

All-purpose stain remover – If you combine rubbing alcohol with water, it can be an excellent spot remover which works on a number of stains from coffe to ink. Combine two-parts water with one part rubbing alcohol to make the spotter. Apply it on spots and spills, wait a few minutes and then launder as usual.

Windows cleaner – Combine two tablespoons liquid dish soap and two tablespoons of ammonia with one pint of rubbing alcohol. Apply to your windows using a nylon-covered sponge, rinse and then buff dry. Since this formula doesn’t require water, it is also great for screen stains, bird stains and hard-water spots.

Shoe polisher – If you are planning to polish your shoes, first rub them with undiluted rubbing alcohol. By doing so, you will make it easier to polish your shoes.

Remove garlic smell from your hands – Do you have problem getting the smell off your hands? All you have to do is pour rubbing alcohol onto your hands and work in really well. Now, just wash your hands with water and soap.

Nail polish remover – This will work great if you do not have real nail polish remover in your home. All you have to do is put some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and then rub over the polish. The polish will come off, even though it might take some rubbing.

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