12 Simple Habits Of Real Gentleman

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Three-piece suits, handkerchiefs in their pockets and elegant dressing are perhaps coming back into fashion, but that does not mean that every man dressed like this can be called a gentleman. Skip the usual nonsense about dressing well, knowledge of wines and wide vocabulary, and see how real man behaves.

1. He has respect for all

Today, in every magazine you read that a gentleman should respect the woman in which he is interested. This sounds nice, but does it mean that one should be civil only to get sex? A real gentleman will have respect for all, regardless of gender or age.

2. He supports the dreams and goals of his partner

A true gentleman would respect her ambitions, even if he knows it will be difficult to achieve them. This does not mean that he should finance your desires. A real man will always stand with you and help you, but that does not mean you should expect for him to do all the work for you.

3. He is honest and open

A real gentleman will not play a children’s game of love, because he knows that this is not a game for children. He is honest and open, he knows what he wants and he does not have need to be calculated.

4. He will not leave his partner during difficult periods

Relationships are not always filled with beautiful things, sunshine and rainbows. Just the opposite, there are days when you both feel incredibly down, having trouble just to get out of bed. In these days you find most support in a man who wakes up next to you. A gentleman would never run when you run into an obstacle.

5. He is kind to everyone

Same as with respect, kindness should not be used as a means of seduction. A true gentleman will always and in all circumstances be friendly, without any ulterior motive.

6. He opens the door for everyone

This might be a little controversial issue because many women simply do not want that their man opens the door (gender equality), but when you are exiting a building, it is basic rule to keep the door for those who are coming behind you. And this is how true gentleman behaves.

7. He makes compromises

A gentleman knows that compromise is essential if you want to have a healthy, happy relationship. He will not ignore his wishes, but will always listen to the wishes and opinions of his partner.

8. He is feminist

If some woman is feminist it does not mean that she devalues ​​men, but believes that both sexes deserve the same rights. A real gentleman knows what feminism is, and he believes that men and women deserve the same treatment.

9. He is helping people

A gentleman will give his full attention to help anyone who needs help, whether it’s a family member, friend or someone he never met.

10. Family comes first to him

Partner, children, relatives and close friends – these are people who will always be in the first place to a real gentleman. He would not leave his sick wife alone at home to go out and drink with friends, or watch football.

11. Actions speak for him, not words

The boy who tells everybody about how nice, good, smart and beautiful he is, is just not a gentleman, and he never will be. Mr. Right is so sure about himself that he can allow his actions to speak on his behalf.

12. He does not claim that he is a “good guy”

Good guys think that good manners deserve the award. In contrast, the gentleman thinks that good behavior is simply a part of him, and that it is something quite normal.

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