5 Most Useful Grilling Tips To Grill Like A Pro

Mmm... Grilled steak for the winPhoto by jeffreyw
Is it just pure coincidence that word „grill“ rhymes with „chill“, or does it tell something important about nature of grilling?
Yeah, I think the same – grill time is definitely chill out time.

But to chill out while grilling with your family, neighbors and buddies, you need to arm yourself with knowledge. Knowledge and chilling out? Ask any guitar player: to play amazing solos, you need to learn chords, scales, arpeggios.

So, let’s get started with 5 most useful beginners and advanced grilling tips to grill like a pro.

1. Don’t rush, do it slowly, take your time

If you are really, really hungry, then it’s not right time for grilling. The real grilling is done by heating the food over indirect source of heat (hot coal) for a longer period of time. Grilling is right choice when you do not mind waiting for a while to eat. Don’t forget to lubricate the grate, using the onion on a fork, or a piece of bacon.

2. When possible, use wood and charcoal

If you plan to grill in the open air, the best choices are wood and charcoal – not the gas. Wood will take care of even temperature and specific taste of the meat, while the coal contribute to the smoked flavor which real lovers of grilling prefer.

3. Learn to spice it properly

Spices usually have a milder flavor and should be applied properly. Mix the spices and meat and leave it to stay for at least half an hour. If you decide to go for dry spices for grilling, pour the sauce that you have previously prepared (for example, beer, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper) over the meat.


4. Make it healthier

One of the biggest dangers of meat prepared on the grill are carcinogenic heterocyclic amines (HCAs), compounds which have been shown to have a role in the development of various types of cancer, and occur during the preparation of meat on the grill. The level of HCA in meat increases in proportion to the duration of the heat treatment and the temperature to which the meat is exposed. This means that grilled meat has highest HCA levels.

HCA levels can be reduced for 95% if the meat is partially heat-treated in a microwave oven before grilling.

Also, by frequently turning the steaks during grilling process, to maintain a lower temperature inside the meat, HCA levels can be reduced by 100%.
Marinating meat before grilling for a period of 40 minutes reduces the HCA level for 92-99%.

5. The temperature is important

If you consider yourself a real grilling expert you are aware of importance of right grilling temperature. Not just because of taste of grilled food, but because, if underdone, grilled food can cause a serious health issues. One of the most common threats is E – coli ( Esherichia coli ). Any food can be a source of food poisoning but the most commons are the ones we take unpasteurized, like dairy products, underdone meat, even improperly washed lettuce, but we must say ground meat is the most common source of food poisoning.

E – coli is killed at 1550F, and according to USDA, minimum safe temperature is 160 degrees.

Perfect temperature for different types of meat are in short:

Meat Raw Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
Beef 400F (40C) 1250F(520C) 1350F(570C) 1450F(630C) 1550F(680C) 1650F(740C)
Chicken 1350F 1550F 1650F 1750F
Pork 1350F 1450F 1550F

The largest number of dangerous food poisoners is killed with temperatures in the range 140 – 1700F (60 to 72 degrees Celsius ), but you have to meet several requirements: the temperature must be reached in the middle part of the food, and that temperature has to be maintained long enough.
So, be cautious and get yourself a perfect thermometer. We recommend you Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer Set, but you are free to make the final decision.