6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Others

Portrait of two young womenPhoto by Josef Seibel

Envy is a real problem that can impact all of us, but it does not mean that we are weak. However, we should stop focusing so much on other people. It is okay to admit that you are thinking too much about other people and the things they have, because we are in a virtual world and we cannot help it. In this article, we will focus on the reasons why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others and why is it bad for you.

You don’t live for others

Just like everybody else, you are not born on this planet to try and mimic the life of someone else. Think about it. Don’t waste your time focusing too much on other people, because you’ll lose key hours to make moves for yourself. Do not give away your energy and time for free, unless you are getting paid to be someone’s shadow.

Each person is on a different path

The different paths are one of the most beautiful things about individuality. By now you should know that there is no straight line to where you want to go or to success. Your path will more than likely include a few dead ends, speed bumps and one-way streets that make you retrace your steps. This doesn’t mean that you cannot accomplish something in your life. Just the opposite, you can and will.

Behind success there is struggle

It is very easy to look at a situation from the outside and not see its inner workings. Just because someone looks like they have it, in reality it doesn’t mean they do. Most likely, they experienced sweat, blood and a lot of tears to get to where they are. Most of us have no idea of the struggles it took for another person to gain their success.

Don’t limit your possibilities

You can limit your possibilities if you focus too much of your time on a single person. Perhaps you can do something different, even greater, but you will limit your potential because it is not something what you have seen. For this reason, you should hem yourself into the accomplishments of other people.

Each action may have a different result

If you follow the exact actions someone else did, it doesn’t mean that formula will work for you, since there are many variables that can change the outcome. A number of things, such as hard work and persistence, can take you far in life, but you should be careful not to assume that there is one formula for success.

Things require time

Good things come to those who work for them. There is no such thing as overnight success. It doesn’t matter if it takes longer than you expected to achieve your goals. At the end, it will all be worth in the long run. Sometimes a person needs to go through the fire a little longer to develop maturity and character that will take him or her further than imagined. Everything has a way of working out, and for this reason, try not to get caught up in time.

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