Uses Of Aluminum

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Aluminum has been used in a number of ways in the last decades. Many objects that simplify and increase the quality of our lifes are partly made of this element. For example, refrigerators, computers, smartphones, furniture, cars, etc. Many people around the world use aluminum each day, they don’t pay too much attention to it, and usually don’t even realize it. In this article we will discuss all the uses of aluminum in today’s modern world.


Aluminum is used for kitchen utensils, window frames and door knobs. The elements is also applied in refrigerators, toasters, saucepans and kettles. Aluminum is used in outdoor and indoor furniture, too. Some sports equipment, such as tennis balls and golf clubs, also use aluminum.


Packaging is one of the most popular uses of aluminum. Bottle caps, foils, trays and cans are often made of this element. Aluminum is also used for storage boxes, utensil lids and thermos. This metallic element is also applied as bottle tops, a foil container and foil wrappings. This metal is prefferred because it keeps food clean.

Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, and for that reason it is widely used in the industry. Unlike iron, aluminum oxide isn’t destructive, but rather protective. Aluminum is impermeable and does not affect the smell or taste of food packaging. Another important thing to mention is that this metal has no toxic elements.


This metallic element is necessary in construction. Aluminum is used in practically all elements: ladders, shutters, railings, skylights and building bridges. The metal is present in bars, pipes, sheets, tubing, wiring, doors, stampings, rods, scraps and casting. It is applied in a wide array of industrial applications. For example, staircases are often made of aluminum, as well.

Aluminum can be found in many buildings and they are low maintenance. A layer of insulated aluminum cladding is as good as bricks or stones. This metal can be joined with other materials, and painted in desireable colors. This means that it can be used to change the looks of edifices. Builders and carpenters prefer this metal because it’s versatile. Aluminum can be welded, bonded, cut, curved and tapered in many shapes.

Power lines

Aluminum’s light weight makes it great for use in electricity and power lines. Even though aluminum has less than the copper’s electrical conductivity, it is still preferred because of its low density. Compared with copper of the same amount, aluminum conducts double the charge.

Cars and transportation

Aluminum components can be found in aircraft carriers. Because it is light, aluminum is used in boats as well as other sea faring vessels. Railway carriages also use this metallic element. It can be found on cars for thermal and aesthetic purposes. Many manufacturers prefer aluminium, because it is cheaper than other metals. Car parts such as hoods, wheel spacer bars, suspension components, transmission housings and engine blocks are often built of aluminum.

This metallic element is also used in air filler adapters, impellers, brackets, alternator housings and mirrors. Because of its strentht/weight ratio, this element is vital to transportation. It’s light and this means that vehicles use less energy for motion. Aluminum is not as strong as steel. However, aluminum can be alloyed with other metals in order to increase its strength. The aluminum parts are common in cars, boats and trains, because the light weight means fuel efficiency. This is particularly important in aircraft.

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