9 Things You Can Do With Lemons

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It is very simple to add lemons to your diet. Lemons can be incorporated into vegetable juice, squeezed over vegetables, used in salad dressings, or used to make lemon water, for starters. However, you will be surprised at just how many uses lemons have outside of the kitchen. Lemons can be veritable superstars for skin care, cleaning, and much, much more. We have compiled a list which contains a number of uses of lemons. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.

Help toothaches

First of all, lemon juice is no replacement for going to see a dentist. Additionally, exposing your teeth to fruit acids is not a good long-term idea. However, the citric acid in lemons can alleviate some of the pain until you see a dentist, if you have already got a toothache. Try a little lemon juice and salt, or apply a lemon juice directly to the area.

Revive soggy lettuce

There is no person who wants to eat wilted lettuce. Take a bowl of cold water, add a half-cup of lemon juice in it and revive your greens by soaking them in the bowl. Leave them for an hour and then out the leaves in your fridge for another hour. Once you take the lettuce out, it will be salad-ready and crispy.

Weed your lawn

Juice made of lemon is a natural weed killer. All you have to do is cover weeds in the juice and they will shrivel away within a couple of days. However, you should be careful because lemon juice will kill any plant. Therefore, make sure you are not accidentally spraying your flowers or lawn.

Ease the itch

Have you accidentally run into some poison ivy while you were hiking? Just rub lemon juice on the area in order to ease the itching so you do not spend the next few day scratching at it. In addition, the juice can also be effective for bug bites and dry skin.

Freshen up the fridge

Got the fridge that smells really bad, like dirty laundry from last week? Cover a cotton ball in lemon juice after discarding the rotten food and leave it in your fridge when you head out to walk or work for the day. The smell will be gone when you get home. Additionally, you can also freshen up your favorite cutting board by using lemon juice. All you have to do is cover the board with some coarse salt and then rub the surface with the fleshy side of a lemon. Lemon juice will sanitize your board and it will smell better, too.

Deal with your disposal

You like your garbage disposal but you do not like the foul odors which the disposal emits. In order to freshen things up in a flash, throw a lemon peel in your disposal and turn it on.

Get rid of ants

Ants aren’t citrus-fruit fans. Spray a little lemon juice where you think ants might be coming in, if you have an infestation problem on your hands. By doing so, you can send ants scurrying in the opposite direction.

Clean up the cheese grater

One of the most annoying kitchen items to clean is the grater, with bits of cheese getting stuck in the holes, which are hard to reach. Use the grater in order to flesh of a lemon.

Keep brown sugar soft

Are you annoyed when brown sugar sticks together? Well, all you have to do is scrape all the white pulp of a lemon rind and then store it inside the jar along with the brown sugar. It won’t harden or clump and will stay oatmeal-ready.

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