10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Anarchists

Imagine the country that has no government, laws or rules of behavior of any kind.. Where people can act in themselves best interest, and help their community voluntarily… Without any type of repression… Is that country utopia or we just had to work much harder to achieved that? Can every individual live the way him or her wants? Would it lead to chaos? Well, anarchist believed in this kind of society, country without norms, and economic stabillity.

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1. The meaning of the word „anarchy”

The word “anarchy” comes from Greek word “anarhia” which means “without a leader or ruler”.

For centuries every country and society in the world has some kind of leader, secular or religious, but the initiators of anarchism believe that it doesn’t has to be like that, that community could be able to manage itself. One of the main theories of anarchism is – maximizing the personal freedom of individuals of society.

So, some kind of motto – state for people, not people for state! They also don’t believe in religious leaders because they also have they own hard rules, and that is contrary to in what they believe. That is strange, because some of the most known anarchists declared themselves as Christians.


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