11 Useless Things We Learn In School

School can be boring, annoying but sometimes pretty fun! We have learned so many important things that stayed in our minds for many years. Yes, we build our knowledge thought years, and every day teaches us some new things. But, what about those useless things we learn in school, that we can’t use latter in our lives? Let’s make a list…

AbacusPhoto by markopoulou

1. How to use an abacus

In 21st century we teach our children how to use an abacus. Funny, isn’t? That small thing was used centuries ago for calculation, and that was one of the most important discoveries of those times, but today, when you have numerous ways to calculate, knowing how to use an abacus is pretty pointless.

However, if you don’t know how to use it, you will have some troubles passing the grade. Never the less, it is important to know how Egyptians and Persians calculated on big markets, when spices and everything else comes from Far East.

You must know how to calculate with abacus, but using your fingers is strictly forbidden! Unbelievable, but true! But you have to admit, counting with small colorful ball was pretty fun!


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