Most Interesting American Presidents

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There are a lot fun facts about all the forty four presidents of the United States of America. However, some of these elected executives are considered more attention grabbing than others. The most interesting American presidents are not necessarily popular or considered significant. Their terms of service may not even be something to be revered but they definitely present food for thought and perhaps a little historical humor.

George Washington

The first president of the US was elected unanimously and he served for two terms. He is considered the father of the country and is recognized for success in battles. He established a stable government system and some of the aspects he created are still in use today. Most people do not know that he had no children of his own.

His wife was a widow who already had two children. He however loved hound dogs that he bred and gave affectionate names such as Sweet Love. George Washington is estimated to have been 6’2” and weighing 200 pounds which makes him one of the big presidents. At 57, he had all his teeth taken out and replaced with dentures with false ivory teeth.

James Buchanan

James Buchanan was the fifteenth President and his preceded Abraham Lincoln. This might be a factor in why he is not widely recognized. He served for a single term and expert historians have included him in the list of the worst presidents to rule the country. His failure to deal with the issue of slavery and secession greatly limits his likability.

The latter is in fact believed to be the worst mistake in the presidential history. It is interesting to note that he is the only president up to date who remained unmarried and the action is attributed to a vow he made in his earlier life after his ex-fiancée died.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton ranks fourth among the tallest presidents in the history. Like Buchanan, his term of service was checkered by a bad image resulting from numerous allegations about extra-marital affairs. Whether the accusations were all true or not, they messed up his track record. In his term he improved race relations and supported the African-American community.

In fact, some consider him to have been a typical ?lack’ president within. His philanthropic ways and continuing public activity to address world problems still endear many to him. A little-known but interesting fact is that he won two Grammy Awards for Spoken Word in 2004 and 2005.

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is one of the most interesting American presidents and not just because he is the first black president. He was born in Hawaii to a mother of English ancestry and an African father. Though is service is highly discussed, the fun facts are about his personal life. He is highly skilled in basketball and owns boxing gloves autographed by Mohammed Ali.

Like Clinton, he won a Grammy award for the audio version of his book. It is well-known that he enjoys and collects comics and has read all the Harry Potter books. There are many other exciting tales about the presidents; a poker genius, a model, the first Princeton grad student and even a story of a parrot that curses. If you look a little deeper, you will realize that history is interesting.

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