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How To Clean Kitchenaid Ice Maker

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The kitchenaid has a line of ice makers that are mainly used in the kitchen, in the hotels or in bars. These ice makers works automatically to an extent that one can easily forget to maintain them.

However, since during the ice making process, the freezing process eliminates minerals from the water, which are otherwise left behind to harden.

These may then build up and even clog the device water lines, hence reducing the efficiency of the ice maker. Cleaning of this device is therefore important if you are to ensure, its effectiveness ,efficiency and its proper working condition. Plus, this ensures that you are guaranteed some fresh and odour less ice for your usage.

Procedure 1

1. Press the on/off button to turn off the ice making operation. This then ensures that the on/off button is not lit, just like when the process of ice making goes off.


2. Wait for about 10 minutes before you remove all the ice from the storage bin, this will allow the freezer to defrost, hence allowing any chunks of ice inside the icemaker to completely melt.

3. Open the storage bin and reach below or under the ice maker’s water pan, so as to get the drain cap. Unscrew that drain cap to allow water to completely drain from it. Put the drain cap back on its rightful position to ensure that it is fully positioned. Never wash the ice storage tray in dish water, instead wash it in warm soapy water, rinse it and allow it to dry completely.

Procedure 2

4. Pour about 16 ounces bottle of cleaning solution into water pan. Fill the empty bottle with some tap water and then pour it in water pan. Then close the storage bin and return back the ice bin into the freezer.

5. Press the clean button and allow the cleaning process to take about 70 minutes before it is completely finished.

6. Open the storage bin once the cleaning process is complete. Remove the drain cap and look for any form of cleaning solution that is left behind in the water pan. If the cleaning solution is still present, then it is necessary if you run the clean cycle again.

7. Put back the drain cap and screw it until it is fully and positioned appropriately.

8. Press the on/off button to turn back on the ice making operation. The on/off lights lights when the ice making operation becomes active.


Just like any other appliance , it therefore is very important that the kitchenaid ice market is cleaned from time to time.

Cleaning this kitchenaid ice maker system using some approved cleaning solution is also very important as that removes all the scales and thus helps to ensure that your contents are not only clean and your icemaker is hygienic, but also that this appliance is working like it was intended to perform and is in a proper working condition.

However, some manufactures offers a self cleaning mode that one can also employ during the manual cleaning so as to act as a guideline.

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