How To Build Dining Table

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Sum up Ideas

If you have the confidence, any woodworking work can be done at home DIY route. The dining table is no exception either. It is actually a common project for folks new to carpentry.

The setup requires a simple assembly of the different parts. Start with a design in mind. You can find many DIY dining table designs online. You can make it a basic one with skirt frame or go for carved footstools if you are already an expert carpenter.

Good wood

The wood can be salvaged lumber. It is a good choice because you are recycling and saving costs both. Besides, salvaged wood is usually richer in natural texture. Sometimes, you can also make amazing discoveries such as the initials of the last owner carved by knife on the wood! Look up your local lumberyards for such treasure finds, but make sure the quality of wood is good.

Check out the general instructions outlined in the following sections. It would take about two days for an expert. If you are new, allow a few more weekends to hone your skills before you reach the expert level at your next projects. Measurements have not been mentioned here to allow the flexibility of your choice and creative experimentation.

Setting up the frame

Start with the wood pieces and surface them well with a planar before you attach them by interlocking. The tongue and groove joint is used here. The connections may not be even completely, but that can be planed afterwards. Next, you move on to make the skirt frames after flipping the table over.

Use the clamp and pocket jig to create pocket holes to allow the space for screwing the frame to the table. Nail the parts together and remember to leave adequate space in the corner for the legs. You would have to place cross braces diagonally at the corners so that the skirt frame is held firmly together. Assemble the skirt perfectly with the table top after the full framework has been set.

Now to the legs

You must be already ready with the legs! Use a hand saw to chamfer the measured portion off the corner of each foot so that they are well fitting in the rails, stiles, and cross braces. Carpentry is very much an occupation of exact mathematical precision. You should always have a good measuring tape.

Your expertise in handling the tools firmly develops with experience. Sorry, there are no shortcuts here but the amount of effort you invest to learning. You will need dowel screws to set up the legs with the cross braces. If you have done everything perfectly, the table should stand firmly. The instructions you read above are very basic but they should work well for a starter project.

The finishing

Once the structure has been set, proceed with the finishing. Sand and chaff the rough edges. Have patience with the sanding. The reward would be a shinier table. Varnish the table with your preferred coat. Allow the time to dry. Celebrate the occasion by a great supper with friends and family!

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