What Is Albinism?

&quot ;ALBINO&quot ;Photo by “You Got Framed” photography by Mindy Atkins

Albinism is the lack of brown pigment – melanin, a person with such a feature is called albino. Occurrence of albinism is encountered in Africa, so that blacks in this case are whiter than whites.

Coloration of the skin, hair, eyes, etc., in humans is a result of the interaction of various substances in their body. There are substances that form the basis for future color, and other, enzymes that act at the basis. If someone does not have one of these two substances or their relationship is disrupted, result is albinism. The name derives from the Latin word albus, meaning white.

Albinos have pink eyes, because of the redness of the blood in the retina of the eye. The eyes of albinos are very sensitive to light. Therefore, they are constantly blinking and hold partially lowered eyelids.

The body hair and hair of Albinos are white. Even the white tissue of the body, for example, the brain and the spinal cord are white.

Let us mention that albinism exists not only in humans but also in all kinds of animals. It is also found in birds.

Albinism can be partly inherited. Many people are not albinos, but transmit the characteristics of albinism to their children.

Albinos are probably white mice, rats and rabbits, which we are most familiar. There are people who have seen squirrel albinos, and even giraffe albinos!

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