What To Do When People Ignore Or Cut You Off And Start Talking To Someone Else

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If people cut you out and you can’t figure it out you should read this and be prepared for some criticism. You should face your problems if you want them to go away. And before we begin, if this does not happen to you on a regular basis, then maybe is not you at all, but other people being rude.

If you are experiencing this kind of problem regularly then probably one of these things is to blame:

– You lack good social skills. Maybe you are negative about a lot of stuff and people don’t want to be dragged down by you. Maybe you have bad and rude sense of humor. In this kind of situation people who don’t want to confront you are going to be rude to you so you would leave by yourself.

– You have very low self-respect and self-esteem. There is a lot of people who compensate their disadvantages by picking on other people who don’t fight back.

– Your social status is to blame. Maybe people in your surroundings think you are uncool dude and they don’t want to be seen with you.

Since you can’t change other people, your only option is to change yourself. Think good about this things, try to see yourself as other see you. When you realize what the problem is, then and only then you can search for a solution. If you think that your social skills are the reason then try to change them. Being negative is easy to handle, just be more positive. This does not mean that you should lie and tell opposite of what you think, but instead talk about things that you truly see in a positive way. Rude or sarcastic humor?

Use it only when you are around people that get it. Maybe you are offending someone and you don’t even realize it. Maybe you done it before and now they are getting back at you by cutting you off. If your problem is low self-esteem you should work on it. Not just because of the people that cut you off but for yourself. If you boost your self-esteem everything will be a lot easier – hanging out, dating, work. Find some method that suits you and work on it. It will not come overnight but if you try results will come.

If you came to conclusion that your social status is to blame, that people see you as someone who is a looser and not somebody they want to be seen with, then you have to think about yourself again. Do you agree with them? If you do – try to change yourself. But if you don’t, if you like yourself the way you are, then is time to change people you spend time with. They don’t deserve you. No matter what your interests are you will always find somebody that shares them and enjoys your company.

Be sure to realize the problem, even if it is painful. Talk to people you trust, ask them to tell you what is the problem, but ask them to be honest all the way. You can never help yourself if you don’t know the reason. If you are willing to change and see that the problem might be you, there is a good chance you can profit immensely from this opportunity and become greater than ever before.

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