5 Places You Should Visit In Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountains Las VegasPhoto by nan palmero

In case you are new to Las Vegas, there is more to life than sticking, twisting and getting hitched. It is not recommended that you leave the city without checking off these definitive experiences. Plan your perfect day out with this guide to do the best things in Las Vegas, from placing a bet at a world famous casino to going on a shopping spree in Caesars Palace.

1. World famous casino

Caesars Palace is an icon of Las Vegas, because few casinos can match it for atmosphere. But, before you try you luck, learn a thing or two on the subject. The Gamblers General Store, which is located in Downtown, has a library of gaming books. Beside Caesars, some of the best poker games can be played at the Golden Nugget, which is also located in Downtown. Its residents can actually shed their shirts in a pool area where waterslides run through a central shark tank. In Casino Royale you can have the cheapest fun at the roulette wheel.

2. The brilliant bars in sin city

The most impressive difference between watering holes in those on the Strip and the rest of the world is the sheer number of bottles. An enthusiast can boggle at the vast scotch collection at Craftsteak. Connoisseur should visit the Downtown Cocktail Room. At this place special drinks are rated on a level of 1 to 5. Wine lovers must set sight on Aureole. At this place the bottles are housed in a four-story wine tower which requires harnessed wine angles to bring them.

3. Spectacular water-based show

One of the most eye-catching attractions at the Bellagio is the signature jumping fountain. The fountain is a fine, free appetizer for a rather more expensive attraction here. The most sophisticated show of Cirque du Soleil – O – comprises more than 70 swimmers, contortionists, divers, aerialists and clowns performing acrobatic feats around a pool containing 1.5 million gallons of water. In case you see just one show, make it O.

4. The stratosphere tower

You should follow Las Vegas Boulevard South as far as Sahara Avenue for two reasons. The first is Bonanza Gifts. This is the largest gift store in the world, which offers a kitschy ride back in time to the Route 66 era. On the other hand, a different ride is in store in case you go north along the Boulevard to the tower where the shrieks are coming from. The tallest building in Nevada – Stratosphere – has at its summit a quartet of thrill rides: X-Scream, Big Shot, Insanity: The Ride and SkyJump all as white-knuckle as they sound.

5. Shopping spree in Caesars Palace

Bring your credit card for a spin in Caesars Palace, where the legions of medium- and high-end designer outlets will defeat you, if the faux Roman vibe doesn’t do it first. During weekends, you have time until midnight to make your choices. In case you are thin and rich enough, shop at the Fashion Show Mall, whose amazing image projection screen hovering over the center – One Billion Dollar Cloud – provides entertainment enough when the credit runs out.

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