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How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets With Murphy’s Oil Soap

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Cleaning kitchen cupboards may be frustrating, particularly when they enclose a large build up of grease and dirt. It could also be frustrating when the wood finish is actually damaged and cracked to the point where water could easily seep through it.

However, rather than using so much money on lots of cleaning products, you can have the job completed with just a single product: Murphy’s oil soap. This soap can also be used to clean wood furniture and floors, provided the wood is well finished and does not have any weak areas or cracks.

Here’s how to clean kitchen cabinets with Murphy’s oil soap:

1. Pour ¼ mug of Murphy oil soap in a gallon-size container. If you require to use a much stronger cleaning solution, you can then use ?cup, though it is not advisable.

2. Next, fill your bucket with one gallon of tepid water.


3. Soak your cleaning towel or sponge inside the thinned oil soap. Squeeze out the excess water and then wipe down your cabinets with much care. Ensure to expunge any excess water after you are done with wiping the kitchen cabinets.

4. Rinse your cleaning towel or sponge in warm water if it looks dirty and then pour the mixture down the sink once you are done cleaning the kitchen cabinets. You can also repeat the steps if the cabinets are not thoroughly clean as you want them to be.

Besides being a good cleaner for kitchen cabinets, Murphy’s oil soap is also mild enough to employ on wood. It is manufactured with lye and oil, which when mixed up, it ends up with a chemical result to make the oil soap. The finished product is not left with any lye or oil, thus you have no need to fret about getting oil on the cabinet finish. As soon as you are done cleaning, the cabinets will still look very shiny and clear of any debris.

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It is however very important to follow the rules and guidelines of using Murphy’s oil soap. This is because putting too much soap in the cleaning water or accidental spills could result to oil soap buildup leaving the kitchen cabinets very dull. Removing the excess oil soap is vital to regain the surface finishing. Some steps you can take to clean this mess include:

1. Fill your bucket with calm water and then submerge a clean rag in the water. Squeeze out excess water and swab the surface with the damp cloth.

2. After wiping thoroughly, rinse the towel in clean water again, wring out excess water and then wipe the area once more. Repeat as many times as possible until the oil soap build up is completely cleared from the surface. Murphy’s oil soap is an effective home cleaning detergent that brings out successful results as desired.

However, it is always good to keep in mind that this kind of oil soap is only meant to clean wood, which has been properly finished. This is because it can easily damage unfinished wood surfaces or floors, so keep away from using it on such items.



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