What’s So Special About New York?

Snow Covered Manhattan SunsetPhoto by 1982Chris911 (Thank you 3.000.000 Times)

New York City or the Big Apple has always been known to be a trendsetter and an epicenter of arts, culture and fashion. In fact, it is one of the most exciting and happening cities in the world. There have been countless movies shot here and countless songs praising its beauty. New York is a city that never sleeps, therefore you will always find happening nightclubs to party in here.

Also, the subway here runs 24×7, unlike other metros. There are many reasons that make New York very special, both to tourists as well as the people who live in this city. New York is a place for exploration and experimentation and one of the few places on Earth where people can be themselves without inhibitions! What’s so special about New York?

First of all, New York has a plethora of larger-than-life tourist destinations such as Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and so on. The Times Square is an area of the city that is filled with beautiful surroundings such as theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, community centers and so on. It is a place that defines New York living accurately: brimming with life and beautiful.

The Empire State Building is the tallest structure in New York. One can observe breathtaking views of the city from the observation deck of this tower, which is on the 86th floor. A visit to New York is never complete without visiting Lady Liberty clad in copper greens and wielding the ever-famous torch of course! In the past, the Statue of Liberty was very welcoming sight to those who sailed half the globe to reach NYC.

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Today, she still remains a treat for the eyes and a tourist magnet! Considering a concrete jungle like NYC, Central Park is like a breath of fresh air for the people, literally! It is a gem of New York City and one of the reasons that make the city such a great place to live in. One of the lesser known facts about New York is that it is an extremely linguistically diverse city. In fact, very few cities in the world are as linguistically diverse as this one!


The number of tongues spoken here in this city is estimated to be around eight hundred! According to surveys, English isn’t the only language spoken by people at home. Other languages commonly spoken here include French, Armenian, Spanish, Yiddish and so on.
Another reason that makes the city so special is that it is the top destination for food lovers and connoisseur.

In fact it is also informally known as the capital owing to the vast number of locally and seasonally sourced cuisines here. There are more than eight thousand sit-down restaurants in the city in addition to takeout shops. Therefore, you will always find something of your preference to satisfy your hunger pangs, irrespective of what time of the day it is!

So, be ready to stamp the passport for your palate well here! New York City is also the nexus of arts. There are plenty of artistic galleries, exhibition spaces and museums here that has a lot to offer. With so many reasons that make this city special, are you ready to take a bite of the Big Apple?



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