Why Does Tower in Pisa Lean?

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Human imagination attracts certain things regardless of whether they are significant or not. We all know of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but very few people know that the city has a rich and glorious history.

Of course, the tower is a miracle. The entire tower was built of white marble. The walls are basically four meters thick. The tower has eight floors and a height of 59 meters, which represents the height of one 15th flours building.

The wall is built with staircase with 300 steps leading to the top of the tower. People who climb those stairs to the top of the tower have magnificent view of the city and the sea.

The tower is at the top of the italicized for over five meters. If you stand on top and throw a stone, it will fall more than 5 feet away from the base of the tower!

Why does the tower lean? Nobody knows the real answer. Of course, when the tower was built, nobody knew of the incline. The tower was built as a bell tower of a nearby church. Construction began in 1174 and was completed in 1350.


The foundations of the tower were placed in the sand, so, during the time, tower slanted. The tower is not cocked at once, but began to mow when they built the first three floors, or, galleries. Because of that, the plan is slightly altered, but the construction continued! For the past hundred years, the tower is angled for another thirty centimeters. According to some experts, the tower should be called falling tower because they believe it will ultimately fall down.

Do you know that it is claimed that Galileo, who was born in Pisa, was doing his experiments on the speed of the body which falls right on the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

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