5 Best Semi Integrated Dishwashers

A semi-integrated dishwasher is a fancy name for a dishwasher that you try to hide in your kitchen. You install it under a counter to save space but leave the operating controls and access panel for anyone to see. It’s actually quite convenient and has been an interior design feature of well-planned kitchens for decades. The control panel is on the top of the front-loading door, so it is easily accessible, but the dishwasher is hidden by kitchen cabinetry. Here are five of the best semi-integrated dishwashers available today.

1. Bosch Exxcel SMI53E05GB

The Bosch Exxcel SMI53E05GB is built in stainless steel and recommended by 10 out of 10 users. It has five programs and four temperature settings that are very efficient. It has the intensive wash, eco wash, pre-rinse and delicate wash. The speed wash option will reduce the cycle time by 50 percent, which is great for people in a hurry but not the most eco-friendly. It’s a good choice for a large family with room for 13 place settings and still has a half-load option. With the 24-hour delay timer, you can set it to run during the night or when cheap electricity is available.

2. Hotpoint LSB5B019X

The Hotpoint LSB5B019X is a semi-integrated dishwasher that has a stainless steel control panel. It gets very good reviews from users for low noise, excellent cleaning performance, ease of use and a convenient sliding cutlery basket. The opening system is a soft-pull door and the control panel has a LED display. It has an A+ energy rating with fixed lower baskets and sliding upper racks. It holds 13 place settings and has eco, express half-load, intensive and normal settings. The tub is made from stainless steel and it is very quiet while operating.

3. Indesit DPG15B1

The Indesit DPG15B1 13 has a white control panel and gets an A+ for energy efficiency. It has an energy efficient program to save electricity and water. It holds 12 place settings, has a super sliding rack system with fixed lower baskets. It gets top marks from users for being very quiet and drying the dishes well through residual heat. It has a maximum and minimum wash temperature as well as five programs including eco, normal, intensive, rapid and prewash. It also has a half-load setting.

4. Hotpoint LSB5B019B

Hotpoint delivers another semi-integrated dishwasher in the top five. The Hotpoint LSB5B019B holds 13 place settings is very energy efficient and has a half-load, eco, express, intensive and normal cycle. This one comes with a black control panel for a bit of sophistication in your kitchen, and the tub is made from stainless steel. It also gets good reviews for being quiet, so you don’t hear it grinding away during your favorite TV program. You set the water temperature to the minimum of 40 degrees Celsius or the maximum of 70 degrees Celsius.

5. Bosch SMI69T25UK

Bosch again appears on our list on the top five with the top of the line. The Bosch SMI69T25UK holds 14 place settings with a VarioDrawer on a third level. It has the highest energy rating at A++. The control panel and interior is stainless steel. It also has a self-cleaning filter system and a childproof door lock. The economy 50 program is the best for cleaning normally soiled dishes in the most energy and water efficient way. With innovations in technology, this machine practically runs itself. It can detect if there is the detergent and has a load sensor to determine the amount of water to use. It also has a heat exchanger to hygienically dry the dishes. With six programs and five temperatures, there is no dish that can escape getting meticulously clean.

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