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Uses Of Baking Soda

Many people have baking soda in their pantry to use in homemade baked goods, and perhaps a box in their refrigerators to absorb odors.

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10 Most Prestigious Universities In US

These universities award degrees at every level, from bachelor’s degrees to doctorates. The top 10 universities span both coasts and include both small and large universities.


Why are we Getting Old?

Photo by psd Did you know that in ancient Rome ordinary man could expect to live a maximum of 23 years? About a hundred years ago the average life of a human was 40...


9 Most American Movies, Ever

Steaks, burgers, beer, bacon, hot dogs, barbeques, charcoal, and fireworks – this is how you celebrate your American pride. And a selection from rich film history of the United States which will get your patriotism raring to go.


Uses Of Arsenic

Arsenic compounds have been known for thousands of years (since at least the days of Ancient Rome and Greece). They were used by poisoners as well as physicians.


How To Grow Peppers

From habaneros hot enough to bring tears to your eyes to sweet, crisp peppers in rainbow shades, all peppers share a preference for a long, warm growing season.